Bio Block

Perfect for displaying team members with image and information

Blog Posts

Displays the latest blog posts from your Blog


Displays a button with various layout and link options

Call to Action Box

Displays a call to action box with text and a button

Contact Form 7

Displays a contact form created with Contact Form 7


A countdown with various styling options


Space up your content with dividers, various styles and colors

Embedded Video

Include videos either by URL or custom code

Feature Media

Displays images, sliders, videos or custom HTML on a shelf


Displays a gallery with various layout options


Displays a head- and optional sub-headline


Include 1 of over 500 FontAwesome icons

Icon Block

Displays a block with an icon, a headline and text

Icon List

Displays a list with an icon for each element


Displays an image that can be linked to content

Image Slider

Displays an image slider with various options

Pricing Block

Displays a pricing block to build pricing tables


Displays a testimonial

Opt-In Form

Displays an opt-in form

Last Tweets

Displays the latest tweets

Recent Posts

Displays the recent posts


Displays Google Maps with various options


Renders any custom HTML with shortcodes

Split Button

Displays a split button with various options

Social Icons

Displays social profile links with icons


Displays an image as portfolio item

Social Sharing

Displays sharing links to social networks

Recent Comments

Displays the most recent comments

Payment Icons

Displays a set of various payment icons


Displays a link, any size, with an icon