Forms give you endless possibilities

Here are just some ideas...

  • Contact Forms

    Contact Forms

    Let prospect customers get in touch, the easy way.

  • Appointment Forms

    Appointment Forms

    Promoting a service? Let people request an appointment, a call-back etc.

  • Feedback Forms

    Feedback Forms

    Ask your customers for ideas or suggestions and turn their suggestions into products.


Why you should use forms

…and why not offering one might be a mistake.

Contact forms are everywhere, everybody uses them and you should, too. Here are some reasons that should convince you that a contact form is exactly what you need:

  • Reduce spam: Your email address is not displayed anywhere, so you can protect your privacy and get less spam.
  • Get more information: You ask for specific information, it’s likely that your customers will provide it!
  • Capture only relevant data: Don’t invite people to provide information you don’t need, and make sure that all emails you get are consistent to help you stay organized.
  • Use information for anything: Contact forms are processed by your server, and plug-ins allow you to do all sorts of things with the data sent by your visitors. Add them to a mailing list, or send them a product sample…

Use the same form again...

...even in a modal window like this!